LightWalker ®


I was recommended the lightwalker by a friend, who was looking for something better than his existing walking stick which also has a light attached. Comparing the two, you can see that the lightwalker is streets ahead. It is lighter in weight, yet loses no strength, it grips firmly, and more importantly, safely to any surface, and is comfortable to grip.

I am very happy to be able to depend on it.

Leonard Yaffe OAM.

My name is Dr Derek Braham and I have recently acquired one of your LightWalker walking sticks with a built in flashlight. I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with the product. The torch is fantastic when going out to my car on a dark night, and avoids the serious risk of tripping. Being able to see where I’m going in the dark is the most innovative feature and is hugely useful. But there are also two other features which I find absolutely marvelous.

The first is to be visible at night when crossing roads – something that has worried me for years with the way some of today’s drivers use suburban streets as racetracks. I’ve really worried about being seen on time, and now, if a car comes up quickly I just need to turn a stick towards him and invariably notice an immediate slow down.

Last but not least, I was a keen golfer and tore my rotator cuff muscle in my shoulder some time ago. Since then my old walking stick always sent a jarring little shock into my shoulder every time I put my weight on the stick. With your LightWalker, the shock absorber function of the built in spring is absolutely marvelous in reducing this jarring of the shoulder by about 80%.

I’ve been telling all my friends about your LightWalker, but thought I would give you feedback also.

Dr Derek Braham, Camberwell Victoria

This lady, who lives in Phillip Island Victoria, was given a LightWalker walking stick by friend and at one stage it was run over by four-wheel-drive Toyota.

She did not want to use any other type of walking stick and miraculously her LightWalker was still usable after the accident. She did not want to use any other brand and asked us where she could buy a replacement and kindly allowed us to use her letter as a testimonial. It speaks for itself!


Hi Walter,

I am 75 years of age and have had two hip replacements, one knee replacement and I broke my thigh and have a metal plate with screws in the leg with hip and knee replacement.  As you can imagine I am pretty lopsided, I have also had the joints removed from my toes and replaced with screws!  And to top it off, I also have scoliosis in my back!  My most important accessories are my LightWalker walking stick and my mobility scooter. Some time ago my LightWalker was run over by Toyota land cruiser. To my amazement, it was still usable afterwards! I would never want to use another brand – yours is the best!

Cheers, Barbara 😀

Barbara TAN, Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island 3925

Prof Dr. Neville Norman (Cambridge, UK and Melbourne Universities) is one of Australia’s leading economists, often interviewed on the ABC for his accurate economic forecast. As a young man he was a runner-up for the Australian Olympic high-jump team, and as he has had hip and knee replacements, he needs a walking stick on most occasions.

Endorsement for the Light Walker from Professor Neville Norman of Melbourne University and Cambridge University, UK. He writes —

You will never use a simple walking stick, or anything else, if you have the Light Walker.

From the moment I first used my telescopic LightWalker, I knew that I would never want to use anything else. And I feel the same about her folding model!

The telescopic model, which I personally prefer, has a spring in the base which takes most of the jarring out of my shoulder when I used to use the stick on hard roads or pavements.

But when I go on business trips, holidays, or conferences overseas, I always take my folding LightWalker. They are the best quality walking stick that I have ever seen! Both models grip the road, work as a super quality walking stick, and save me from tripping over small obstacles and uneven roads, and makes me visible to traffic.

In the 2 years that I‘ve had my Lightwalkers, I’ve travelled the length and width of UK and right across mainland USA, have taken one on several cruises, and found it to even make shopping centres pleasurable. I wouldn’t go without it.

I’m happy to converse with anyone on this matter:
Neville Norman: January, 2021

Many thanks for sending me the two walking sticks so promptly. I have found them extremely comfortable to hold, steady to use, and safe with the inclusion of the torch at night.

The price is surprisingly low – little more than an ordinary stick from the chemist – and worth so much more.
None of the commercial products come near the versatility or have any of the added features that your product has included in the standard price.

The spring in the construction is really innovative and ensures that there is no strain in either elbow or shoulder – a feature that I really value.

As I need to use two sticks together – especially if the walking surface is at all uneven – they are particularly comfortable to hold and keep me really steady while walking. I am completely satisfied, and willing to recommend to anyone.

Testimonial from Mrs L, Croydon North