LightWalker ®

More Details About LightWalker

As our population is ageing, more and more people find using a walking stick helpful. But walking stick technology has remained the same for 500 years – it’s just a stick you can lean on to help you spread the weight of your body. Most folding walking sticks on today’s market do no more than that, and the average adjustable walking stick can be set for height, but at pre-set intervals which may not exactly suit your body measurements.

So we set out to bring you two walking sticks of Rolls Royce quality that are lightyears ahead; the folding LWF and the telescopic LWT. The latter is based on German hiking sticks that cost well over $100 per unit with a brilliant adjustable-height mechanism so that you could adjust the height of the walking stick to the millimetre. And then we did something really radical – – we added an LED torch to both so that you can see where you’re going at night, and at the same time be very visible to oncoming traffic when you are crossing the road. We chose a fixed-position torch that had a large enough circle of visibility so that a swivel head was not required.

On the LWT, we built a spring into the shaft to give the stick an anti-shock feature – great for anyone with shoulder problems, and gave it a skid-resistant tip.

Then we made the on/off function on the LWT totally simple (a twist of the torch and it goes on, twist in the opposite direction, and it goes off). With the LED mechanism, the batteries in the head last a considerable time and the button-batteries are freely available. We then designed a concave reflector which gave some light to the area right near your feet, but kept the bulk of the light forward to the target zone. You can now see where your next step takes you!

On the folding LWF LightWalker the aircraft-grade high-quality aluminium shaft makes sure that the sections don’t stick, and fold and fit perfectly. It is undoubtedly the finest folding walking stick with the huge advantage of the torch (powered by two AAA batteries) and a skid-resistant triple section foot that grips the roads as well as it does floors.

No doubt there will be copies and lookalikes coming onto the market. But nothing will ever be as good as LightWalker. It is simply the best walking stick that money can buy!

LightWalker – – the very best – – by every test!